The School of Sourcery
The School of Sourcery
Hanna Lena Christensen

Welcome to The School of Sourcery

Channel from Source. Live in sync with Cosmos. Gently rebirth yourSelf into your highest Timeline.

You are a Sourceress / Sourcerer.

You're literally working magick all the time. 

*the words you speak are your spells*

*the emotions you feel are your medicine*

*the actions you take are your manifestations*

*the inspirations you receive through your channel*

When we become aware of our own magick, we consciously choose to flow in sync with life and co-create with Source. Your Spirit Team is by your side, guiding you along your Soul Path. Cosmic Timing takes you wherever you need to be in the right place at the right time. Your Source Code shows who you are in this lifetime and how you best work with your unique archetypal combination. When your channel is open and connected to Source, you have the ability to commune with beings from beyond the veil, your Future Self, visit parallel timelines, integrate your traumas to manifest your dreams.

Life is magickal.

I'm happy you're here, embarking with us on this intensive 9-Month Rebirthing Journey into our highest timeline as the Sourceresses and Sourcerers we are.

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